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The scientific and production company SeismoSetService was formed in 1991 and is a leading developer of the equipment, software and technique for vertical seismic profiling (VSP). It became possible due to the high authority of the Russian scientific school, which had created the given method, and the big practical experience of experts, which have founded SeismoSetService.

The ASPU parametrical line of the seismic equipment developed by these experts (ASPU-3-48М for oil and gas, ASPU-3-36, ASPU-3-36М, ASPU-ТС1-36 for ore and coal, ASPU-1-73Т2 for superdeep wells) was produced and successfully used more than in 40 enterprises of Russia and abroad.

A considerable achievement of SeismoSetService is the development in cooperation with two other Russian enterprises VNIIGIS and GITAS of AMC-VSP-3-48M apparatus and methodic complex for VSP polarization technique which embodies the up-to-date achievements of seismic prospecting, well logging and geophysical instrument engineering.

By its characteristics this equipment has surpassed all known world analogues and allows to solve successfully a wide spectrum of tasks during exploration, development and production of deposits. By the present time many known oil companies and the geophysical enterprises became consumers of the AMC-VSP-3-48M complex.

SeismoSetService carries out geophysical operations using the АМC-VSP-3-48-M complex for many Russian companies, among them for such known customers as Gazprom and Lukoil as well as for well known foreign companies - Schlumberger, Conoco, Exxon and Dominex, which appraised positively the accomplished instrument and methodical developments as well as the services.

The newest development of SeismoSetService is an induction fracture dipmeter NIPT-1 which allows in complex with VSP to solve structural and tectonic problems, including to reveal fracture zones with an estimation of their spatial orientation.

The company offers its scientific and technical products in form of technologies, tools and equipment for downhole seismic surveys as well as the software and services for field and experimental-field operations using VSP method in different modifications. It also provides processing and interpreting of the results followed by conclusions given at solving of the prospecting, geological and hydro-geological problems in the fields of oil, gas, minerals and subsurface waters.

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