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Number of modules in the tool 3÷30
Discrete step, msec 0,125; 0,25; 0,5; 1,0; 2,0; 4,0
Dynamic conversion range, dB
Instantaneous (within one seismic record)

Equipment inherent noise level, µV 0,06÷0,1
Number of surface signal registration channels up to 8
Power supply, V, Hz 220, 50
Max. operational temperature, °С 120 (140)*
Max. operational pressure, MPa 80 (100)*
Borehole module overall size, mm
One module weight, kg

48 (51)
11 (8)*
Wall contact (clamping) force, not less than, kg 85
Length of cable interconnectors customized
* On agreement with the customer

The tool can be used with different systems of the excitation moment timing e.g Russian CCB-1, CCB-2 and GCR as well as foreign SGS-S, SGD, WSI, Pelton and others systems.

AMC-VSP-3-48M equipment is designed for high sensitive 3-component borehole seismic acquisition in cased and open boreholes

 The apparatus and methodic complex (AMC) includes: 

  • Multi-module digital borehole tool which consist of:
    - several identical borehole modules
    - cable inter-connectors
    - re-translator module
    - GR module
  • Surface equipment set which includes:
    - Notebook PC
    - software-programmable power source for the borehole tool
    - interface block
  • Technological software which supports:
    - automatic testing of the complex
    - control of all technological processes
    - preprocessing and quality control of the data
    - maintenance and documentation automation of the operator's report

 Advantages of the complex 

  • operations in diverse modifications of the borehole seismic: VSP, offset VSP, including multi-stake and walkaway mode, in on- and offshore boreholes as well as cross hole tomography
  • high frequency seismic acquisitions for engineering geology
  • the number of receiving modules can be extended up to 30, they can be easily replaced
  • the tool can be used with any type of logging cable, one-core including
  • no networked noises
  • very low level of self-noises that results in reliable registration of weak seismic signals and possibility to use non-explosive sources having low excitation energy
  • control of metrological performance of electronic measuring channels
  • minimal influence of the "tool-borehole wall" resonance system on the registrated seismic oscillations
  • usability and versatility of the technological software

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