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It is designed to determine bed slope angles and bed dip azimuth, rock stratification and fracturing in oil/gas, core-parameter and engineering-geological wells including inclined horizontal wells.

The dipmeter is used with any-type logging stations which are equipped with any three-core armored cable.

Featues and advantages

  • Large radial depth of focused circumferential scanning sounding of the near-borehole space;
  • High reliability of bed elements measurements, of fractures and other planes of rock anisotropy both in vertical wells and in inclined horizontal ones;
  • Identifying of sub-vertical and vertical fractures including the fractures which do not cross the bore hole; and of picking out of co-ordinates of their spatial orientation within the near-borehole space of up to 1 m in diameter.


Recorded parameters
A - difference between rock bed longitudinal and transversal specific electrical conductivity (SEC);
C and B - instantaneous values of A parameter in an azimuth sector 5o towards the north and east directions

Measured characteristics
Measuring ranges, grad.:
- angles of bed dips, fractures
- azimuth of bed dips, fractures

Measurement errors, grad.:
- angles of bed dips, fractures
- azimuth of bed dips, fractures

SEC range of the rocks under study, mMho/m 1,5÷1000

Apparatus parameters
Measuring sonde length, m 1,0
Operating frequency of scanning, kHz 225
Rotation speed (of circumferential scanning), re./sec 7
Diameters of the boreholes under study, mm 76÷300
Maximum pressure/temperature, MPa/grad. 60/120
Maximum logging velocity, m/hr. 1000
Dimensions, mm: length/diameter 4200/60
Mass, kg 35

Results of fractured zones allocation using NIPT data in the well # 89 of Yurubchenskoye oil field in Krassnoyarski kray

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